Do you wish you had married someone else?

Bradford & Bingley Bank have come up with their recent survey, which they carried out in Britain, covering more than 1000
women, 35 to 44 years of age. The results concluded that only 58% of
women were ‘very happy’ with the choice of hubbies.

Further, the figures postulated that one out of 5 women thinks they have married the wrong man and therefore do not mind swapping their husbands for someone else. While, one in 12
women holds a view that it was their mistake for marrying a particular man.

Findings further revealed that although majority of
women prefer to remain single yet they want kids.

Now why this happens, after staying into a relationship over a long period of time, the two of them suddenly feels disinterested in each other? They feel as if they are not compatible and hence, start flinging stones (though not literary) to each other.

I think this happens because of the escalating level of expectations which they start keeping from each other. The two are oblivious of the fact that when one is in a relationship, expectations just drifts in and with the passage of time, it keeps on mounting- which is but natural- and when either of them do not get the desired result (of their expectations), they feel miserable and heartbroken. The same relationship which was bestowing heavenly pleasures to them becomes nothing more than a journey in arid desert land and then comes a point when they are not able to subdue their agony and feels they could have made a better choice in life by not marrying the ‘present’ partner.

This not only happens with
women but men too may develop apprehensions, at times, they might feel insecure and self doubting.

Hence, in order to relish the essence of being into a relationship, both (the partners) will have to sow the seeds of mutual respect, egalitarianism and love in unison only then they can experience wonders



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