Ping service for blog promotions

One way to promote your blog is to use ping service facilities. This is the easy way so that the blog is always known a lot of visitors.
Blogger has been providing services actually ping can be seen on page settings-> Publish-> ping. if you are not satisfied with the Blogger service, you can select a service that is below.

Ping Tips:
Ping if you do have to update your blog.
Do ping if you do the latest post
Do not do ping too often as this can be said as spam
Do ping and not excessive as

Ping favorite bro :

This is the address of the other ping service:

more ping service address the other for a while but this first


Adria Khan mengatakan...

terimakasih infonya bang....

Catatan harian mengatakan...

wah nice info bro..

Hitsuke mengatakan...

kunjung balik ya sobat di postingan baru q nieh

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