Big Brother and Aing Zuhri: I'm Glad He's caught ....

I'm glad he was caught, but my heart still nervous ". That last sentence made by Dermo Prihatno, the first brother of two suspected terrorists wanted by Muhammad Syahrir (Aing) and SYAIFUDIN bin Djaelani or SYAIFUDIN Zuhri (Udin) aka Sole, Friday ( 9 / 10).

However, until today, Monday (12/10), while his extended family came to the Police Hospital Sukanto Kramat Jati, East Jakarta, which does not only show Dermo nose. Their arrival to the Police Hospital was conducted to ensure whether or not the terrorist's body lay in state hospitals that are members of their families, namely SYAIFUDIN Syahrir Zuhri and Mohamad, as was mentioned as the two fugitive terrorist who was shot by members of densus 88.

As told by the chief Sampora, Kuningan, West Java, Rohidin Nur, who arrived with the group said, families who come as much of eleven people, including children. Could be seen among others, their parents, the Ershad and Asanih Djaelani, and siblings both, namely Grace and Sucihani.

Zuhri's wife, and his wife Cholifah Syahrir, Nurjanah, was also seen there, including some children who expected the children and Syahrir Zuhri. Only the invisible Dermo.

Accumulation of the Past

"For me, even in one family is not necessarily the belief of the other one and can be the same. It's the lessons I learned from this incident," said Dermo, once found in his home in Mekarjaya, Depok, Monday, August 24 2009 ago.

Dermo said the events that happened to the two younger siblings at this time is the accumulation of events in the past. He said, that's what made him feel a moral debt to his brother.

"The growth they do not much I have observed that after the civil servants in 1988, I immediately got married. At that time I married fairly young, so that more care of their families and less watching them," said the man's birth this February 17, 1963.

In his confession, not only he knew it, but also his father, Djaelani Ershad. Searching for related Aing and Udin bombing at the JW Marriott and The Ritz-Carlton make him and his biological parents in shock.

"Because after that, both I and my father realized, that so far we like it never realized there was a missed and watch," he said.

"We just realized, why after they were married and his family never stayed long in one area, why do they always rent a house, why every Lebaran is never fully assembled in Kuningan, why as my oldest brother rarely visited. All of this is the accumulation of events in the past that we just now realized, "he said.

Surrender only

Dermo admit, as a civil servant figure was enough to confirm a second reason to limit himself to his brother close to him. With his father, Djaelani, who is also a service teachers, the Udin doing the same thing.

"I just realized, what they do with conviction when it seemed it could not compromise with the bureaucrats, like me and my dad," said Dermo, which admitted last met on SYAIFUDIN Zuhri and March 2009.

After that time, admitted Dermo completely lost contact with the fifth brother. "In fact, for the last time, I realized that I was far from him (Udin). I can only surrender," he said.

Dermo admitted, belief in what his brother was executed by a very deep roots. Strong in the sense that, armed with the belief that Udin could walk without the need of his help as the oldest brother.

"No. He never tried to influence me. Maybe because other than me is reluctant to make civil servants, also because he knew who I was, my attitude and behavior will not be her influence," he said.

source : kompas


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