Kapolri : No Engineering in Case Chandra-Seed

JAKARTA, - Chief of Police General Bambang Hendarso Danuri confirms that no engineering done anything related cases police dragged two former KPK leaders, Chandra Hamzah and Seed Rianto Samad.

So far, the police considered to be unclear in the run in and conduct legal proceedings against them. Although already a suspect, either Chandra or seeds have not been detained by the police.

"In this process, we want to show that we truly transparent. What was fabricated? Nah there," said Chief of Police answered reporters' questions after the Friday prayers, at the Police Headquarters Complex, Jakarta, Friday (23/10).

According to the National Police, actions and legal process carried out to Chandra and seeds have been carried out according to procedures and applicable law corridors. "If someone said that engineering, engineered ass? Kan all the suspect outside," he said.

Further, the Chief of Police invited to all parties, especially related institutions, the Commission and the Attorney General, to continue to improve synergies with the handling of corruption cases. According to him, the legal process which has been running on both suspects would be better left to the legal process which has been running.

"Let this process run without any suspicion. We agreed, three Plt leader who has come Commission. Let's go ahead and do another backward


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