Tired, sleeping cock walk

When the children sleep in the delirious, not considered to be unimportant. Especially when the children talk while walking. section, it is an interference. somnambulisme Bedroom road or a sleep disturbance that causes a person walking or doing other activities while still asleep. Somnambulisme is sleep disturbances that occurred at the beginning of the third bed or sleeping. Sleep disturbances can occur at any age. However, this interference usually experienced by children in the developing because of the emotional aspect.
There are 3 things that must be considered when a child has somnambulisme. Namely, family history, personal history, and body condition. Historical emosionaldan include personal psychic. third aspect is the occurrence of triggered somnambulisme. "somnambulisme disease is not decreasing. However, sleep walking behavior undertaken by a member of the family can be an example by children. Conversely, pure somnambulisme sleep disruption caused a psychological condition. When the condition of the person concerned does not fit in the circumstances, such as fever or fatigue are, somnambulisme easy going.
Conditions in children with different conditions in adults and elderly. In the adults, sleep walking is usually caused by interference from the mind. However, the reaction can also from drugs and alcohol. In the elderly, somnambulisme could be symptomatic of demensia. Or if not an interruption of REM (Rapid Eye Movement). The increasingly older, the more oxygen in the brain decreases.
hat is frightening is the disruption to sleep? because people who are doing activities in bed, in the course of the condition is not aware. The only condition is reflek at himself in the wake or sleep.
There are a few of which can be given to patients somnambulisme. The goal is to improve the quality of sleep. Among drug therapy psikofarma, psikoterapi, cognitive behavior therapy, exercise to understand the rationality of life, stress management, relaxation, and environmental manipulation.

Be careful who has a way of behavior while sleeping, later if I go cliff? hehehehehe


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